Prozac (fluoxetine) can be suggested for patients identified from obsessive-compulsive disorder, some eating conditions, depression, panic attacks, as well as those that should obtain premenstrual dysphoric condition symptoms under command (particularly irritation, bloating, mod swings and breast tenderness). Make certain you proceed taking Prozac for as long as essential or suggested by your health care company. Drawback really needs to be progressive, as otherwise you may experience withdrawal signs, such as lightheadedness, agitation, fatigue, problem falling sleeping or staying asleep, tingling or tingling in the hands or feet, problem, irritability, confusion, mood changes, and anxiety. Your physician is supposed to know if you have liver illness, diabetes, a recent past of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, or seizures, as those might be necessary consider deciding exactly how much you could take advantage of the procedure. Such negative side effects as weakness, adjustments in sex drive, aching neck, completely dry mouth, reduction of hunger, fat loss, panic, drowsiness, and queasiness are considered to be light, might appear at the start of your procedure and are not supposed to be reported unless they transform in magnitude and obtain irritating.

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